How do I contact you?

Sales Department posted this on Apr 11, 2015


You can contact us by phone or by email.



Whenever you will write us an email, a ticket number will generate against your inquiry. This ticket number will help you to track down the progress of your inquiry as well as with an external link on our website you can anytime read all the conversations with our support team. This mean you do not have to search our old conversation emails in your mailbox. In just one click you can read the whole conversation anytime without open your mailbox email history. We send this external link with our every reply and it also generated as soon as you submit your inquiry. You can also read your conversations with us while login from your account on our store.


Write us

1- For your convenience there is a Contact Us button on left-hand side of every page. You can submit your inquiry from there.

2- There is a contact us form in the footer of every page. You can also submit your inquiry from there.

3- Even if you directly write our customer service, a ticket will generate for your inquiry.

4- You can also submit your inquiry from this link, which you can see at the right-hand bottom of every page.

5- You can also submit your inquiry from your account. Login to your account, go to "Help Desk" on the left-hand side menu of your account and submit your inquiry.


Reply us

1- You can directly reply to us from your email, like you normally reply to any email.

2- You can go to the external link generated with your ticket and reply from there.

3- You can login to your account on our store, go to help desk and also reply from there.



You can call us on 0044 (0) 330 133 0397


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